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Ep. 91 - How to Support Children’s Early Love and Understanding of Math

Jul 06, 2023

In this engaging episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming esteemed experts Dr. Douglas Clements and Dr. Julie Sarama to delve into the fascinating world of early math learning. Dr. Douglas Clements, a distinguished professor and executive director of the Marsico Institute for Early Learning at the University of Denver, brings his extensive experience in researching and teaching early mathematics. Dr. Julie Sarama, an innovative learning technologies chair and professor at the same institution, is renowned for her work on children's mathematical development and educational reform.

During our conversation, we explore the foundations of early math knowledge and the ways caregivers can support its development at home. Drs. Clements and Sarama highlight the presence of numeracy talk and behavior in everyday interactions, often without conscious awareness. They emphasize that caregivers can seize numerous opportunities to incorporate math into enjoyable activities, such as playing games like Candyland. By blending learning and fun, children can develop a solid mathematical foundation, setting them up for future success.

To learn more about how to incorporate math into everyday interactions with your children please visit the following websites:

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