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Ep. 94 - How to Create a Safe, Loving, Nurturing, and Responsive Environment from Toddler To Teen

Jul 06, 2023

In our latest episode, we welcomed back the esteemed Dr. Jeanne Donaldson! We spoke with Dr. Donaldson regarding the world of behavior basics and discover how to create a warm, loving, safe, and nurturing environment within our homes. With the overwhelming amount of information available online and on social media, we wanted to dedicate an episode to sifting through it all and focusing on evidence-based basics that truly make a difference.

During our discussion, we explore a wide range of topics that form the building blocks of a harmonious household. Dr. Donaldson shares valuable insights on establishing solid foundations for sleep, nutrition, movement, safety, parental attention, and fostering independence through choice-making. By understanding and implementing these behavior basics, we can create an environment where our families can thrive and flourish.

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