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Ep. 95 - What is Quality Sleep as an Adult

Jul 07, 2023

Welcome to another captivating episode of our podcast! Today, we are beyond excited to have Dr. Jeanne Donaldson back with us, as we explore the essential elements of behavior basics and the significance of creating a warm, loving, safe, and nurturing environment within our homes.

During our conversation, we delve into a variety of crucial topics that lay the groundwork for a thriving household. We unravel the secrets behind establishing the foundations of sleep, nutrition, movement, safety, parental attention, and empowering independence through the art of choice making.

In an era where information inundates us from every corner of the online world and social media, it's vital to take a moment to separate fact from fiction. That's why we dedicated this episode to sift through the noise and focus on evidence-based basics that truly make a difference.

By tuning in, you'll gain valuable insights and practical advice from Dr. Jeanne Donaldson, a renowned expert in the field. Together, we'll explore the key pillars of a nurturing environment, arming you with the knowledge to create a harmonious and supportive home for your loved ones.

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