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Ep. 88 - The Power of Childrenā€™s Books

Jul 06, 2023

In our latest episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Melissa Finkelstein, an accomplished lawyer, author, and dedicated mother of three. Melissa shared insights into her newest book, "Bobby the Snake and the Broken TV," which is part of her heartwarming book series, Big Feelings Friends. Drawing inspiration from her own children, Melissa discussed the significance of children's books as both a mirror and a window, reflecting and opening doors to their unique stories and emotions. Through her personal experiences, she highlighted how her books provide relatable and empathetic perspectives for children grappling with big emotions. Join us in this episode to discover the transformative power of children's books in helping young readers navigate their emotions and conquer challenges.

By delving into the world of children's literature, Melissa Finkelstein showcases the remarkable influence these books have on shaping children's understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through relatable characters and engaging narratives, her book series serves as a beacon of emotional support and connection.

You can learn more about Melissa by following her Instagram page @melissafinkelsteinbook and her books are available in several bookstores throughout the Northeast and they're also available on Amazon.

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