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Ep. 92 - Unveiling Social Media Parenting Realities

Jul 06, 2023

In this thought-provoking episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Renee Reina, a psychologist and the esteemed host of The Mom Room podcast. Drawing from her extensive social media and podcast presence, Renee dives deep into the world of parenting fears and offers valuable insights, empathy, and practical advice for parents.

Embracing Authenticity in the Digital Age:

During our conversation, Renee emphasizes the importance of authenticity in the realm of social media. With the digital landscape often filled with noise and comparison, she encourages parents to find their true voice and embrace their genuine selves online. By fostering authenticity, parents can navigate the digital world with confidence, create meaningful connections, and contribute to a supportive and uplifting parenting community.

Embracing Diverse Perspectives:

As we conclude, we highlight the power of seeking multiple viewpoints and embracing diverse perspectives. Renee reminds us of the value in expanding our understanding of parenthood by listening to different experiences and learning from others. By doing so, we foster a well-rounded approach to parenting, filled with empathy, understanding, and growth.

You can learn more about Renee Reina by listening to her podcast, The Mom Room, and following her on Instagram @thereneereina

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