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Ep. 86 - The Brilliance Within: Reframing African-American Children’s Literacy to Fix Broken Systems

Jul 06, 2023

We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Denise Ross, an esteemed faculty member and Chair of the UW System Institute for Urban Education, in our latest episode. Dr. Ross's passion for literacy as a means of social justice was evident as she shared her insights on applying verbal behavior to reading and literacy. Using principles of behavior, she employs a language and literacy approach that promotes effective learning strategies.

During our conversation, Dr. Ross shed light on the systemic challenges and inequities that impede access to evidence-based literacy practices. She emphasized the need to address these barriers and shift the narrative surrounding literacy in economically disadvantaged communities. Instead of viewing it through a deficit lens, Dr. Ross advocates for empowering these communities through literacy, highlighting the historical significance of literacy as a tool of empowerment, especially for black children.

Dr. Ross also emphasized the positive impact of reading instruction grounded in the science of behavior on learners' experiences. By recognizing and implementing effective strategies, we can create a transformative environment that supports literacy and promotes equality. Driven by her passion for social justice, Dr. Denise Ross continues to advocate for literacy as a powerful tool for empowerment and positive change in our society.

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