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Ep. 89 - The Future of Psychedelics and Depression

Jul 06, 2023

In our latest episode, we had the privilege of interviewing psychiatrist Dr. Joshua Siegel, who shared his groundbreaking research on the effects of psychedelics, specifically ketamine, on treating depression. This episode delves into the intriguing intersection of mental health, wellness, and emerging treatment methods. Dr. Siegel provides unique insights into the impact of his research on his own parenting journey, offering a fresh perspective on understanding and supporting children's emotions. Join us as we explore the fascinating connection between psychedelics, mental health, and parenting.

Unveiling New Avenues for Mental Health:

Dr. Siegel's research sheds light on the promising potential of psychedelics, such as ketamine, in the treatment of depression. As the interest in mental health and wellness continues to grow, alternative approaches like psychedelic-assisted therapy have gained attention. Through our conversation, we gain valuable insights into the transformative effects of these treatments and their implications for mental health.

A Fresh Perspective on Parenting:

What sets this episode apart is Dr. Siegel's perspective on his own children's emotions. His research has influenced his understanding of emotional well-being, and he shares how this newfound knowledge has influenced his parenting style. By embracing a more comprehensive understanding of mental health, Dr. Siegel provides a unique viewpoint on supporting children's emotional journeys.

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